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2nd EAI International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training

September 16–18, 2015
Novedrate, Italy

WORKSHOP 1: Newrow

Workshop proposal: Newrow (compelling case study)

Author: Dan Merritts



As the demand for STEM professionals continues increasing, so does the need for accessible, affordable, Web-based instruction to “skill up” the future generation of STEM professionals. Slow to adoption, the online learning revolution is poised to disrupt STEM educational models.
This workshop will discuss and present methodologies for making online learning more active by allowing students to work together beyond the traditional confines of an online discussion board and avatar-based learning environment, specifically through powering second screen learning, face-to-face virtual learning, student-led study rooms and more.
Workshop session will also share data from Yale University’s recent implementation of video, which includes a 300% growth in the online program, 98% instructor retention and 97% student satisfaction, to show how implementing various methodologies discussed during the session can impact STEM learning.

Brief description of the specific technical issues that the workshops will address:

  • How to harness mobile devices as second screens to prompt real time engagement in STEM learning, especially in a lab environment.
  • How to analyze and assess Big Data from second screen interaction to develop better learning models that drives higher student engagement and collaboration.
  • How to use social platforms, networks and features to meet the mobile first, socially driven learning needs of today’s STEM students.
  • How to use online learning platforms to recreate the traditional lab experience and give students the opportunity to actively master a concept in a virtual learning environment.


Until now, STEM MOOCs have consisted of prerecorded lectures that students watch and then write about what they learned or pose questions on avatar-based discussion boards, all of which are completely void of face-to-face interaction with instructors and/or peers. For STEM online learning to become a successful complement to traditional learning models, online frameworks and platforms must enhance the collaborative study experience and foster peer-to-peer discussion.
This workshop aims to rectify that problem and put online STEM classes on pace with their traditional classroom counterparts.


Dan Merritts has 15 years of innovative, industry shaping technology experience in marketing, product management, and operations. He’s helped drive the creation of several multibillion
dollar market categories, including: contextual advertising, cloud computing, textbook rentals, and enterprise mobility management.
Currently, Dan serves as the executive vice president of marketing for newrow_, an educational technology company that provides an interactive video platform purpose built to engage large groups of students face-to-face online, from any device.



We invite the submission of papers that provide inherent case studies, experimental results and progress reports.

Please follow paper submission guidelines and consider the following important dates:

  • 23 June: Paper submission deadline
  • 5 July: Acceptance Notification
  • 15 August: Camera-ready deadline